Windsor Divorce and Property Division Attorneys

When confronting the legal issues in divorce and property division, you can count on the seasoned, levelheaded advice of our family lawyers at Pritchett & Burch, PLLC. We put our 80 years of experience to work as we provide clients with the legal guidance and advocacy they need. Contact our Bertie County law firm to discuss your case with a family law attorney. We represent clients in contested and uncontested divorce and property division matters in Windsor and surrounding communities.

Bertie County, North Carolina, Equitable Distribution Lawyers

North Carolina follows the equitable distribution standard of property distribution. This means that all marital property — property acquired during the marriage, regardless of how it is titled — is divided in a manner that is deemed fair. Family courts consider a number of factors in divorce and property division matters to determine what is fair. However, the court requires mediation before any marital asset division case proceeds to court.

Our Windsor divorce and property division lawyers understand the importance of preserving your property rights and financial interests in divorce. Whether your contributions have involved strenuous hours at the office or supporting your family’s needs through child-rearing and homemaking, we know what it means to fight to protect what you have earned. We have extensive experience handling property division cases involving:

  • Business interests requiring comprehensive business valuations, including cases involving ownership of multiple small businesses
  • Complex real property rights, including rental property interests, investment property rights, undeveloped land interests, and other property rights
  • Other marital assets, such as retirement assets, investments, personal property, and other assets