Windsor, North Carolina Real Estate Attorneys

Protecting Your Investment

For most people, a home is the biggest investment they ever make. For commercial real estate, the stakes can be even higher. At Pritchett & Burch, our attorneys’ familiarity with North Carolina real estate law can work for you. Whether you want to maximize your profit or realize your dream of home ownership, we can help. Call Pritchett & Burch today for a free consultation.

Real Estate Transactions

We handle real estate issues that involve

  • Purchase and sale. From the initial offer to the closing, we guide a lender, buyer, or seller through every step. We scrutinize every document for potential problems. We also attend the closing, taking care of any difficulties that may arise so that the closing can happen as scheduled.
  • Title issues. To ensure the soundness of a title, we conduct title searches and title examinations. If we find that a title is less than sound, we can bring a quiet title action on behalf of our client. We also assist clients withpartition proceedings, if necessary.