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Defending your Property Rights

Whenever the government takes your property for public use, you have the constitutional right to fair and just compensation. Unfortunately, that does not eliminate the danger that the government will try to minimize that amount. At Pritchett & Burch, we can prevent that from happening. If you face an eminent domain dispute, contact the law firm of Pritchett & Burch to talk to one of our lawyers. We can help you get just compensation for the loss of your property.

Eminent Domain Cases

We handle every type of eminent domain case that involves developments including:

  • DOT condemnation
  • Installation of power lines
  • Road construction
  • Military base — expanding boundaries

Types of Takings

Full Taking

In the course of a full taking, the government takes the entire property and the land on which it sits.

Partial Taking

There are different types of partial takings. Some take some of the land, but leave the buildings intact. Others impose an easement, such as a throughway, that cuts through the property.


Our eminent domain lawyers handle cases that involve both types. Using copies of construction plans, aerial photos, maps, and the testimony of our expert witnesses to paint a clear picture of what your property is really worth. In the case of a partial taking, we determine how much the easement or land appropriation is going to depreciate the value of your property.

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